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Why does a baby growl?

It’s the middle of the night and suddenly your little darling starts screaming. For parents fresh out of the oven, this is more or less part of everyday life. But what is the reason for this? Let’s face it, parents don’t need to be afraid. As a rule, there are many reasons that are harmless. We will explore this problem in this article and explain why many babies wake up and scream at night, and we will, of course, tell what you can do about it.

Unavoidable sleep problems in babies

A newborn baby spends a lot of time sleeping. However, unlike adults, little ones do not yet have a fixed sleep pattern that distinguishes between day and night. Hunger sets the tone here, even when the stomach growls in the middle of the night. In the first few weeks, get all of this first. Sometimes there are only two to three hours between meals.


As parents, we can never forget that a baby has an incredible variety of new impressions that he or she must now process.

This can also be expressed in the fact that he or she falls asleep over and over again and therefore wakes up more often at night. Another reason is teething. If infants are slowly getting their baby teeth, this naturally causes a little pain. Don’t worry, dear parents! This pain is safe, but it makes the baby start to cry. The same goes for growth spurts, which also do not choose a fixed time of day.

Preventable sleep problems in infants

The ability to be able to positively influence the sleep problems of youngsters themselves. The misconception that babies and toddlers will just sleep before bedtime is always exhausted. But the opposite is achieved. Exposing the little ones to a real overload of stimuli in the early evening should be avoided. Often, the moment of onset of fatigue is completely ignored and the child does not rest at all. Sleep is of course unthinkable then.

Therefore, to improve sleep problems in babies, avoid the following:

  • noisy break and play before bedtime
  • TV and other electronic devices, as well as
    loud music
  • constantly changing bedtime
  • no fixed bedtime
  • irregular sleeping times

Tip: An infant is not sleeping or not sleeping well if he or she cannot breathe properly through the nose. Therefore, check to see if baby’s sleep problems may be caused by this.

Set times and rituals create routine

Although adults consider it more boring, it is extremely important that little angels have a firm daily routine and especially as stable as possible. In order to avoid serious sleep problems in babies, the same procedures are very important in the early evening. This is the only way to learn when it is time to sleep. Many sleep devices provide good support in this situation.

Small baby sleep aid

Most importantly, nuggi is an effective sleep aid for babies. Sucking on the nuggi calms the child down a lot. You can put a second nuggi by the bed. So you don’t have to watch at night when the baby is screaming and you want to calm him with the nuggi.

Cuddling helps sleep

Physical closeness with parents is extremely important for children. A large cuddle unit is especially recommended just before sleep. Grab a soft blanket and talk quietly. As mentioned above, avoid too much noise.

When the baby is sleeping, soft toys or stuffed animals create a cuddly environment and restful sleep in the crib.

Reading music aloud or softly

Reading aloud or telling stories has long been one of the most popular methods. At first, your baby doesn’t care what is read aloud. The key is to hear a familiar voice. Of course, it is obvious to tell stories and fairy tales are especially designed for young children.

It’s also a good option for running a music box. The soft sounds gently accompany sleep even after the story is over.

Nightlights for the dark

Little ones are often afraid of the dark. They can’t see anything when they wake up. As a result, they can quickly start to scream out of fear. A nightlight provides the necessary support for this. It is therefore always bright in the room to some extent.

Baby crying in his sleep

The term Schreibaby sounds very harsh. It affects more parents than many realize. There are many reasons for this endless crying. One example is the change in food intake. These little ones suffer from severe abdominal cramps and therefore it is difficult to get to sleep. A warm cherry stone pillow or a warming plush toy can bring relief.

On the other hand, writing abies are very sensitive. They simply cannot process the flood of new impressions as quickly. The solution lies in close proximity, security and closeness. So take turns with your partner so that you can recharge your batteries yourself and use them every minute when the offspring is asleep to rest. Your pediatrician will be happy to help you overcome sleep problems in your little ones. In fact, this is often a very intense but temporary phase.

How to properly treat baby’s sleep problems

There will always be nights when your baby is fussy and a bit restless. Sleep provides little rest. However, little ones in particular are going through an unimaginable period of development during which each new developmental milestone can be a small trigger for sleep problems. It is important for you as a parent if your sleep problems do not improve over the long term, seek medical advice.

In general, the reasons for sleep problems in infants are quite harmless, but you can never be too careful when it comes to your favorite newborn.

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