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The Role of Technology in Modern Parenting

How Technology Improves Parenting in the 21st Century

In the 21st century, it’s almost impossible to think of modern parenting without technology. Technology used properly can provide many benefits to families and individuals, including increased safety, efficiency, and improved communication. This article will discuss the role of technology in modern parenting and how it can help you in your experience of parenting.

Safety Benefits

Technology can provide an enhanced sense of safety when it comes to children. One famous example of this is the wearable GPS tracker which are often worn on children’s shoes and clothes for safety reasons. This allows parents to know the current location of their children throughout the day. Similarly, cell phones or tablets give parents the ability to constantly stay in contact with their children.

Ease of Communication

The power of technology to facilitate communication between parents and their children is invaluable. With apps such as Skype or Facetime, parents can keep in touch with their children quickly and easily, no matter their location. Related to this, social media networks and messaging services allow parents to send messages and photos to their children in an instant. This communication also benefits children, allowing them to communicate with friends and peers even if they are far apart.

Reducing Conflicts

Technology can also help reduce the amount of day-to-day conflicts that arise in parenting. By utilizing websites and apps such as task managers or calendars, parents and children can easily create and assign tasks, such as weekly chores or short-term projects. Through lists, reminders, and rewards, behavior can be encouraged and tracked.

Positive Effects on Parent-Child Relationships

Technology can also have a positive effect on the parent-child relationship. By using the same apps and websites that increase safety, communication, and reduce conflicts, parents can share more meaningful experiences with their children. For example, they can do online puzzles or collaborative board games. Technology can also be used to teach children empathy, or to help them cultivate positive relationships with their peers.


For parents, technology offers a trove of opportunities to strengthen their relationship with their children. Whether it’s for safety reasons, to bridge the gap between long distance communication, or to reduce day-to-day conflict, technology can assist parents in modern parenting. Encourage your children to take advantage of technology and stay connected with you and with their peers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Technology can increase safety, efficiency, and communication.
  • GPS trackers and cell phones allow parents to stay in touch with their children.
  • Technology can be used to reduce day-to-day conflicts and encourage good behavior.
  • Parents can use technology to create meaningful experiences with their children.
  • Encourage your children to take advantage of technology in a responsible manner.
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