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How to store your Lego ?

If you have children who like to play all the time, you must surely be confronted with the same problem that no parent escapes: putting away toys. Despite your instructions, you always find your house upside down, especially when it comes to those famous Lego toys that children can’t get enough of. Lego is one of those little toys that need to be tidied up carefully, there are some fun and efficient ones.

Lego storage: a child’s or an adult’s business?

Lego, this construction game made of small colored bricks that can be fitted together to create imaginary figures, is not only a child’s game. It has also seduced many adults who love it. Some adults are so passionate about it that they have become collectors of small bricks, to the point where the need to store them is no longer an option. The ultimate goal is not only to find a way to get kids to store their Lego, but also to find storage solutions that will keep kids and adults happy.

How do you get toddlers to organize their Lego?

Children are usually willing, but dizzy. They don’t necessarily recognize the benefits of putting their toys away. They don’t know that when toys are neatly arranged, they can find them more easily, have more room to play and are less likely to hurt themselves (by slipping on a Lego). So, to encourage them to keep their little bricks in order, parents need to set up rules while keeping it fun to enforce.

Choose the right Lego storage boxes

You’ll need to own the best LEGO storage boxes to impress your kids and make them want to tidy up properly. For example, opt for fun storage solutions such as Lego storage boxes. This is a very original way to store your little bricks. You will find various shapes and colors of Lego storage boxes or mini boxes such as those with a stackable drawer or those in the shape of a character’s head.


There are also storage boxes in the shape of Lego bricks. They are called Lego storage bricks. Your children will be amazed. They can also have fun associating the Lego storage heads with these bricks to create giant human-sized Lego. Tidying up will become a game for your children. If you want to combine storage and design, consider the storage case, ideal for storing figurines. Its transparency gives it a touch of aesthetics and allows you to see what is inside.

Tell your children before putting away

Putting toys away is usually synonymous with stopping activities for children and can quickly become a source of conflict. To avoid anger and frustration, it’s a good idea to give them a few moments’ notice before play ends.

Use a whistle to signal the end of the game

Children like this method. Blow the whistle for the start time. As soon as they hear the whistle, they’ll race to put things away like athletes. Don’t forget to encourage them and help them if necessary.

How to better organize and sort your Lego?

Whether you are a parent, a hobbyist or a collector, you can consider several ways to organize your Lego pieces depending on the quantity of pieces you have. This is really essential, especially if you have a lot of Lego pieces accumulated over time in your home.

Sort your Lego by category

Sorting by category is the ultimate step in organizing your Lego pieces. Stones, panels, tiles, rounds, pins, plates and all technical pieces will be easier to find.

Divide your Lego pieces by type or by theme

Once you’ve sorted your Lego by category, the next step is to organize them by type of piece. The little bricks are real jewels for the most passionate, especially when it comes to the Lego House Dinosaurs or the Lego Microfighter Star Wars. This storage system requires you to carefully dismantle the Lego and then put them one by one until the last piece, in the storage boxes. Gather the pieces of the same set in a single storage box. This will allow you to sort out the regular pieces and the special pieces (the ones with holes, bends, roundings, axles, wheels, dowels, etc.) that are in the same box. To save time, you can start by putting away the large parts that are easier to find, then the flat ones and the characters, and finally the small parts.

Sort your Lego by color

This is the fastest way to sort your bricks. You arrange the green ones in one box and the red ones in another storage box. While this is a great tactic to quickly find the colors you want, this method of sorting by color is not optimal if the bricks are not the same shape.

Sort your Lego by figure

We haven’t forgotten about the famous minifigures that can be found among the Lego pieces! For Lego enthusiasts, being able to order them in various ways is an art. Mini-figures such as hats, heads, upper bodies or lower bodies for example can be grouped in the same compartment. Mini display cases will do the trick nicely. As an alternative to display cases, you can also place your most beautiful figurines on a piece of furniture or hang them on the wall. You will then be proud to admire your collecting talent from afar, which has lasted for years.

In conclusion, Lego storage bricks seem to be a great way to get kids involved. However, there is no quick fix. You have to use your imagination and arrange your bricks as you see fit. Also, consider putting stickers on your storage bins or boxes to know where each piece is located.


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