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Dressing baby: what size to choose and how to buy smart?

At the risk of ending up with a whole bunch of clothes that your child will never wear, it is important to choose baby clothes carefully. What size should you choose? We give you all the information you need to make sure you don’t make a mistake when shopping. As a bonus, some tips on how to choose clothes.

What size should I choose?

Here is a small table that can help you to make your purchases. It summarizes according to the weight of baby the equivalent in size.


Of course, you must also take into consideration the size of your baby. To help you, here are some indications.

  • If your baby is between 48 and 56 cm: choose a 1 month size
  • If your baby is between 57 and 65 cm : take 3 months
  • If your baby is between 66 and 72 cm : take 6 months
  • If your baby is between 73 and 77 cm : more like 12 months
  • If your baby is between 78 and 81 cm : more like 2 years
  • If your baby is between 82 and 89 cm : more like 3 years

A few tips for smart shopping

  • Check that the garment you have chosen does not restrict baby’s movements
  • Make sure that he is neither too hot nor too cold
  • Choose clothes that are easy to put on and take off
  • Baby should be comfortable: It is better to buy clothes that are a little loose than too tight
  • Avoid buying in advance, you can’t predict if your child will have a sudden growth spurt
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